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Life at our historic 1928 home

We love our Georgian Colonial Revival styled home on an aged brick road in the Texas Panhandle. Our home still has the little details that pay homage to the late 1920's. It retains its original hardwood floors and glass doorknobs. Our backyard greenhouse has been built out of the home's original windows.

Traveling is part of our lives, but at the end of the day, it's comforting to be back home. We believe in taking the time to make the design just the way we want it. Even though the satisfaction is not instant, when each part is done, it brings a lifetime of happiness.

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Escapes to other cultures

Life is an adventure bursting at its seams, no matter what age we are. Sometimes we need to take risks and enjoy escapes, or savor in the calmness of slow living at home when circumstances requires us to do so.

Relishing in and learning from other cultures helps us grow and gain new perspectives on how people interact, how different flavors can be enjoyed, and how respite can be necessary and rejunvenating. Traveling around the world is an opportunity that when we are fortunate to do it, is an activity we consider life-changing. 

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Savoring the beauty of nature

While its fun to dress up and be fancy or stay comfortable at home, both of those don't beat trekking through the rugged enchantment of the outdoors. There's nothing quite like camping under a multitude of dazzling sequins in the sky, or breathing in the fresh air of the forest while on the trail, or kayaking on the tranquil waters of river winding through the mountains. 

Any free time that we get, we set out to exploring the trails and setting up our tent. Breathtaking beauty can be found anywhere - in your own state or on national land. Outdoor adventuring is in our blood, and we wouldn't have it other way, no matter how primitive. 

To sustain the life and recreation that nature provides us, we make sure to leave no trace and do our best to lessen the impact of our footprint.

Hiking Oklahoma - Jamie Fleck (Front Cov

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